Writing Tablet Doodle 12" Pad with Stylish Gift pen for kids

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  • 12INCH LARGE SCREENWRITING TABLET: Try this 12" large-screen tablet with screen resolution 1920 x 1080 with the length 11.1inch / 284mm and width 7.28inch / 185mm,  it won't confine you any longer, enjoy your more enjoyable experience using a writing tablet. This comes with 6 colors White, Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Red 
  • Unleash Kids Creativity With Safet: Show your child’s creativity and Imagination with color! This smart electronic drawing pad allows your child to write, draw, scribble, doodle, and it can be erased easily. Adopts the latest LCD flexible screen that is safe and radiation-free, protects the eyes. Also enabling your kids to keep away from chemical pigments and chalk dust which could irritate the skin and lungs.
  • Eco-friendly: No more messy or wasted paper! Just like a piece of endless sheet of paper, our drawing board can be repeated to use over 10,0000 times, save 100,000 pieces of paper which equals to 3 big trees. Powered by a button battery (replaceable), which only consumes pretty low power when erasing the screen, can be used at least 10 months.
  • Easy to Use: Writing and Drawing on an LCD tablet just like on the paper. Erase full-screen images and words with the only touch of a button fast, easy. Use lock screen function to prevent accidental removal of important information. Adopting the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology ensures writing is smooth and in high precision. Thicker or thinner lines based on how hard you push. 
  • The Best Gift for Kids: Looking for a fun, educational, and practical gift for a toddler, son, daughter, niece, nephew, or even adults. Our LCD writing board is the perfect gift for almost any occasion including Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, or any other occasion you can think of.