Fashion Men's Ring Wear NFC Smart Ring Finger Digital Ring for phones with stainless steel ring

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  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - This Smart Ring is a stylish wearable electronic product that connects to mobile phones via NFC RF communication technology to operate and share data. It does not require any power supply and has a high level of waterproof performance. The built-in NFC chip requires the NFC function that comes with the phone.
  • SPECIFIC OPERATION - The smart ring realizes the screen unlocking by touching the NFC signal area of ​​the mobile phone; the application locks; quickly launches the application; sends the reading business card, website information, etc.
  • Quickly lock and unlock your smartphone or tablet and hide apps when using your smartphone alone Share and transfer information (send a private message/photo/business card/website link to the person you want to share in a simple way).
  • Control the application (you can pre-write a fixed list of processes and click "Start Application".
  • Waterproof, no need to charge Support for NFC-enabled Android and iPhone xs and above models (systems in ios13 and above).
  • Size chart check image Quickly launches the mobile app, pre-write the quick launcher launch command to the smart ring, and automatically find and launch the program when the smart ring touches the phone.
  • Multi-function NFC Smart Ring, the main function is to store and exchange personal information, as well as unlock mobile content and personal privacy encryption.
  • There are instructions for use - 
  1. First, check if the phone has an NFC function. Typically, the phone's NFC switch is located in the phone's system settings. If the user cannot find the NFC function of the mobile phone, please contact the mobile phone manufacturer for sales or Baidu search for the NFC-enabled mobile phone model. And confirm the NFC signal area or mobile phone.
  2. If the mobile phone has the NFC function, after opening the NFC switch, search for the NFC function software in the application software market, download and install it, and follow the instructions on the software.
  3. Open the downloaded NFC software and follow the software prompts.
  4. Since NFC belongs to near field communication, when reading any task, please make sure that the position of the ring chip is close to the NFC signal area of ​​the mobile phone, otherwise, the reading and writing may be normal. Then according to the mobile APP, perform function operation settings, match, and establish a shortcut function application.
  5. Support NFC function intelligent fingerprint password lock, NFC intelligent attendance, need to match, write label information or digital synchronization can be used.

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Kenton Stracke

<2en> first you need to install the NFC Tools app on your phone, besides, you can use it if your phone supports NFC. <2en> I set up the application as a very comprehensive application or even as a command you can assign yourself as a short-lasting installation it comes to work state came to me about 15 days but it reached the customs much earlier 2 rings I bought customs tax 16.30 tl it's arrived. <2en> thanks to seller quickly sent and works Products :)

Genevieve Willms

Well, that's...

Haleigh Beahan

Beautiful ring and convenient as o.a digital business card however unfortunate enough to large size ordered….

Micaela Hirthe

Thank you dear seller came very quickly pasyleki combined packed wonderful kachistvo at the height of the setting works the adjustment sent out the sales very well sold! Thank you dear

Dorian Bayer

Bullshit, useless trinket