Dry 45 Piece Hare's Tail grass Flower,Dried Natural Flowers Rabbit tail Bouquet,DIY Craft for Home Decoration

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  • Environmentally Friendly: 100% natural plants, hand-dyed, sun-dried flowers, dry pampas grass is a gift from nature. Farmers pick and dry the plants naturally, handpick and pack them neatly, and each branch is beautiful and unique. Enjoy your dried pampas grass decor.
  • Gift of nature: Lagurus Ovatus,also known as uraria crinita, is native to the Mediterranean coast and has a flowering period of April to May. Because of its soft hairs and its shape resembling the tail of a white rabbit, very cute, so it is also called rabbit grass.
  • Size: Length about 30-35CM;These natural tail grass stalks are the perfect addition to your rustic decor. They would look great if used as a vase filler, Christmas wreath, chic flower arrangements placed around table decorations.
  • Natural: Natural dried pampas grass, lively colour. Excellent quality, environmental materials. The rabbit tail grass never withers or falls, dried Lagurus grass.
  • Note: That the cloud will fill up again a few hours later, even in the warm sunshine. The natural dried flowers fall off easily when shaken vigorously. It is a natural characteristic. Be careful when buying if you mind. At the same time, we are. Use careful packaging to avoid this problem as much as possible.
  • TIP: To give you the perfect experience, workers hand-picked, neatly arranged, carefully packaged, because it gets squeezed during transportation, leaves it in the sun for a few hours, or in your flower bed for a few days. The feathers will fluff up again.
  • Sales Quantity: 45pieces/Bundle.

Customer Reviews

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Bernardo Altenwerth

very good quality and preserved well. Will be buying again. Highly recommend

Frances D'Amore

Lagurus came very good, the color is bright, packed neatly

Chadd Beier

Excellent quality, seller put a little more

Bennett Nicolas

It came in a couple of weeks, it's very fast, especially in the new year holidays! colors correspond, the seller before sending out a photo of dried flowers. To quality, too, there is no pritensiy, very very good.

Brody Johnson

Excelente artículo, buena calidad, muy buen tiempo de entrega