Flone Artificial fake Plants potted Simulation Plastic Bonsai Wedding home decoration

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  • Material: High-Quality this realistic bonsai plant, which is made of plastic material, eco-friendly plastic material, non-toxic, no odour, more durable.
  • Beautify Your Home Or Office: Add a vibrant burst of greenery to your home or office with these artificial succulent plants! Place on desktops, countertops and windowsills to improve the ambience of any living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom space.
  • Beautiful Decoration: Vivid colour design and high simulation make this potted bonsai very layered and attractive. Bringing a touch of greenery into your spaces.
  • Authentic Lifelike Fake Plants: These faux succulents are so authentic and lifelike in appearance that you and your guests won't be able to tell them apart from the real thing! Inspire the atmosphere of your interior space with their natural desert beauty.
  • LOW-MAINTENANCE: Give a gift that keeps on giving! These fake succulent plants require zero water, zero sunlight, and zero maintenance apart from occasionally wiping away dust with a damp cloth. They make a perfect housewarming & holiday gift set.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We can't wait to add you our long list of customers loving the no-mess, no-stress life of artificial plant ownership! The issue with your purchase, we are here to solve your problem as soon as possible.